Most recently Albert Niedel won 2nd prize award at Inessa Galante International Vocal Competition in Latvia! In addition last year 2017 he was finalist for the Anton Rubinstein International Vocal Competition in Germany and Edward M. Murray Vocal Competition in Ithaca Opera Company NY. Mr. Albert-Moshe Niedel served as the cantor for the Jewish High-Holidays in Staten Island, NY. Mr. Niedel previously worked as cantor in Wichita Kansas, Brooklyn and Kutcher’s NY as well as participated as guest cantor in various concerts. In addition he has also portrayed different operatic roles in various opera companies as well as performed in Israel, Europe, USA and all around the world. He sings in many different languages such as English, Yiddish, Hebrew, Russian, Italian, French, German, Spanish and others. His repertoire includes a variety of genre and styles such as highlights from Broadway, Jewish Theatre, Operatic arias, Neapolitan songs and others. To request and order a concert program please e-mai him to:

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